Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coke Cricket Junoon

Every Pakistani is a Cricket Junooni by birth and loving cricket is as customary to all us of as eating, sleeping and breathing. We enjoy every bit of the game. No one celebrates victory louder than us and in times of loss our support for the team mums all naysayers. This unbeatable and unconditional love for the game is what our Cricket Junoon is all about. Coke, the official drink of Junoonis, dedicates this portal to all you crazy cricket fans of Pakistan.
Coke brings you a chance to be a part of the first ever fan movement of Pakistan called 

“Coke Cricket Junoon”. We are making a 

Junoon Flag that represents the Junoon of each and every Pakistani at its best. This Junoon Flag will carry the pictures of Junoonis from all across the country to be revealed in Sri-Lanka during Pakistan’s first match to show the world our unmatchable Junoon.

So get to your nearest Coke Junoon booth, “Dikha do Cricket Junoon” to be a part of the biggest Junoon Flag.

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