Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rise and Rise of Arsalan Iftikhar Chaudhri

Rise of Arsalan Iftikhar Chaudhry
Rise of Arsalan Iftikhar Chaudhry
1996 - Passed intermediate with C grade - CJ was a judge of Baluchistan High Court

1996 - Got admission in Bolan Medical College - though marks were insufficient for him to gain admission - CJ was a judge of BHC.

June 2005 - appointed as a medical officer in Quetta’s Institute of Public Health - CJ was on the bench of Supreme Court

July 2005 - promoted as a section officier in health department - by this time Justice Chaudhry was chief justice of Pakistan

September 2005 - redirecting his career, he had a job as an Assistant Director in FIA

April 2006 - promoted as a deputy director in FIA

October 2006 - bypassing necessary competitive services examination, he was nominated as a non-PSP officer to attend a training course in Istanbul, interestingly enough on the subject of Combating International Terrorism and Organised crime, the only non-PSP and sole under training individual to do the course.

By now - he is a successful businessman, and has also done quite a bit of travelling — regularly to Europe, London and Monaco.


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